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Yin-Yang is made from two parts. 8 diferent Trigrams and Yin-Yang mirror. Trigrams are activated with Yin-Yang mirror. You need all 8 trigrams

trigram inventory

There are 3 kinds of trigrams. Their grade is limited by your lvl. For g75 trigrams you need to be atleast lvl 75.

Picture Type Level
apprentice trigram Apprentice 30
novice trigram Novice 50
senior trigram Senior 75

Trigrams have to be activated by mirrors. For each grade of trigram there is the same grade of mirror. Mirror activates the trigrams for only 7 days.
All mirrors are bought in Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle at Merchant(30), because there it is usualy less taxed.

Picture Type Level Stats Price
apprentice trigram Apprentice 30 ATT +2/Set efekt 30k
novice trigram Novice 50 ATT +7/Set efekt 1mil
senior trigram Senior 75 ATT +15/Set efekt 4mil

Triagrams are pimped in Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle at the BlackSmith(48).
triagram enchant

It opens up a window. In the middle we drag the trigram which we want to pimp. Trigrams for pimping are then added automaticly into the other square.

dodan trigramtriagram

Press confirm and wait for the result.

proces pimpanjarezultat

We continue by adding that +1 trigram into the square. To +3 it goes without problems. After that I satrted getting messages about fails, a few times it even lowered the level of pimp. From +5 back to +4.


Extra set effect depends on the level of trigrams. It applies the efect of the lowest level trigram. If you have 7 +7 trigrams and one +2 the set effect will be from +2.

Set 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Apprentice 10% 13% 16% 20% 25% 32% 40% 50% 64% 80%
Novice 10% 13% 17% 21% 28% 36% 46% 59% 77% 100%
Senior 10% 13% 17% 22% 29% 39% 51% 66% 87% 114%

When you pimped all your trigrams add them into the window. Then just double click on the mirror and you will get extra stats. Stats from the trigrams and the stats from the set effect.

set efekt

Tables with values of trigrams and set effects


Guide for Taegeuk
Taegeuk is an extra to the Yin-Yang system and is played into the middle of the system.

trigram inventory

There are 3 kinds of Taegeuk. If you want to use it your trigrams have to be atlest level 5.
In case that your trigrams are on +10 you get extra stats.

Picture Type Level Stats
Apprentice Taegeuk Apprentice 30 +4 DEF ali +1 EVA ali +1 OTP
novice Taegeuk Novice 50 +10 DEF ali +2 EVA ali +2 OTP
senior Taegeuk Senior 75 +25 DEF ali +4 EVA ali +4 OTP

You have to buy Taegeuk by yourself. It is bounded and can not be sold. You can buy it from any Merchant. Open the window and press "I'd like to produce the item". Then press on the tab "Accessories"

Before adding you have to take out the mirror. Then double click on the Taegeuk and it will go into the system.

Add the mirror back and you get extra stat


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