Status: ONLINE

Top Player:  Shadow

Castle Owner: NeoTeam

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- Medium 1-70 & Lower 70+ Exp Rate [Long Term] | Egg Rate : 40x | Handwritten Droprate
- Professional Team
- 4 Classes (Knight,Archer,Mage,Thief)
- TheHyperNetwork Sources [we can edit/get anything we want]
- Fully Balanced PvP & PvE

- Royal Inspector & Mission Table Quests + INT Quests = easiest way to 70 and good rewards
- Buffer NPC + Buff Scrolls [craftable]
- New Custom Hackshield and DDoS Protection
- 2nd Password activated for more account protection
- New Tempfort
- New effects for skills
- Daily & Repeatable Quests for all areas
- International G100 Armors, G100 Weapons Max Grade
- International and Custom solo and party areas and monsters (Balanced with level limits)
- Channel System [to avoid ksing and spot stealing]
- 3rd Job Quest [elements + Lord's Jaw + Demon Monster's Right Arm]
- All the AoE 3rd job skills are learnable at 70+
- Mystery Skills
- Valley of D'evah Quest
- Tower of D'evah Quest
- International Dragon Spirit Scroll System (8 fuses for Armors,Weapons,Shields)
- International Qigong & Perforation Shot System (8 fuses for Armors,Weapons,Shields)
- Crafting System (craft new talismans,pets,accessories,riding,costumes,weapon skins)
- Custom never seen pet shapes [only Normal & Limited Pet Slots]
- Fishing System [granting good items,but not OP]
- Shop Reward System [granting good items,but not OP]
- Vote Reward System [vote daily to earn good rewards]
- Unique Designs
- Multi Client Option
- International Honor System with Honor Shop
- Balanced Donation Shop - No Armors,Weapons,OP stats, P2W or things like that
- Castle War winner bosses - winner guild gets an item to summon 2 kinds of bosses by their choice [Weapon boss or Pimp Boss]

- "B" Button Enable/Disable Blob
- Duel Tournament INT-Like
- Last Man Standing on a custom map
- Battlefield 100vs100 on a custom map
- Destructing Key Points GvG
- Protecting Leader GvG
- Suffering Valley GvG
- Triangular Battle PvP
- Custom Instance Dungeons
- IntLike F10 Company system
- E-Mok Boss system
- New Boss Summoning System (give items to NPC in order to get it summoned)
- Disable items on certain places
- Disable skills on certain places
- Auto systems [notices,monsters,bosses,snow,blessing events,war declare]
- Save All Player Info Every 10 Seconds
- Level Reward System (you get rewards on certain level)
- Time Limited E-Mok with custom certificates
- Fixed Exp Table
- New Stat Calculation
- New Hp/Mp Calculation

- Inventory Extension with custom item
- Anti-Ks System
- AFK-Check System
- Custom Guild Buffs & Raid - guilds collect items and return them to a NPC to enable buffs for Guild members or join Raid on different levels
- Raid Dungeon System - clear out Raid Dungeons for a certain time to receive great rewards!
- Mautareta System - Register and kill Mautareta for a certain time to receive great rewards!
- Daily Login Rewards - login every day to receive rewards! The more far you go = the better rewards!
- General Hostillity updated!
- Custom Lottery System - Register for a certain amount of geons and a random player will be chosen to win great rewards!
- International Costumes [craftable and not OP stats]
- International Weapon Skins [craftable and not OP stats]
- International Riding System [with group stats working and edited!]
- International Back Decorations [they don't level up while being online!]
- NEW INT-Like Lawless System has been added where you get points and extra exp for killing pvp/pve [not used atm]
- New Ornament Buff System [not used atm]
- Skin reload [Activate/Deactivate skin appearance with commands /skinon and /skinoff]
- Auction House System [if you are too lazy to setup a shop to sell items,just list your item on the Auction House]
- Hunting System for Castle War Owner and GvG winners
- Duel Bet System
- Namepad Colorizer system
- Realtime vote and reward system

- NO Hanin Mirrors
- NO Taegeuks [Trigrams are there with the Yin-Yang Mirrors only!]
- NO Demon Gong
- NO Jewel Pimping
- NO Battle Riding
- NO Awakening Skills & Riding Pets & Pets on PVP Systems!
- NO Blessing Son of the Sky! [avoiding PvP unbalances]

And much more!


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